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We help organizations make lasting change in their communities.

Community Design Partners is a team of facilitators, coaches, and advisors. We partner with organizations and schools dedicated to a wide range of social justice issues such as accessing postsecondary options, diversifying the teaching workforce, and advancing student success by removing systemic barriers. 

Our Why


We want to make real change so that all individuals can live in a just, loving and peaceful world. To this end we work to help dismantle systems of oppression to achieve equitable outcomes for all people.


We believe in communities.

We center the aspirations, perspectives, and strengths of community members. We work alongside communities to support their vision, rather than offering outside solutions.

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We believe that there is no single solution to a complex problem.

Effective change requires an understanding of all of the root causes of a problem and the systems that perpetuate those conditions. We know that to disrupt the status quo we must change systems, not individuals.


We believe in curiosity.
We ask questions, collect information, and adapt plans based on what we learn from both success and failure. We believe teams must continuously examine both implementation and outcomes.


And, we believe work should be fun.


March 16, 2023 12:00 PST 
Student-Powered Improvement: Building Trust
Free Webinar 

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