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We work with teams to deeply understand a problem and see the systems where the problem is rooted. We collaboratively design system change ideas, measure implementation and monitor outcomes. We take a strengths-based approach and help teams center the voices of those they aim to serve.  

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Improvement methods

We teach the mindsets and tools of human-centered continuous improvement. 

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Community engagement

We help organizations build empathy and engage the children and families they serve. 

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Network supports

We advise continuous improvement networks and the intermediaries that host them.


Coaching and facilitation

We coach individuals and teams engaged in improvement projects.

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Implementation support

We help teams strengthen implementation by studying both implementation and outcomes in order to make data-informed decisions about scale-up.

Equity Stance

Across all of our work, we strive to be anti-racist by disrupting the root causes of inequities.  We define equity as responsive, restorative practices that connect and amplify the strengths of our communities while also eliminating systemic barriers that disproportionately impact certain people based on their complex and unique identities. We believe change processes are effective when they help organizations recognize, ally, and build on the strengths of individuals self determination.

“Thank you for being an amazing facilitator, leader, and knowledgeable in the topic that you are leading. Our team is so lucky to be able to learn from you and grow from your coaching and guidance.” 


—  District administrator

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