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Our diverse work portfolio includes collaboration with partners who work on a wide variety of issues that impact children and families.

Student-Centered Design

A goal of each student-centered design project, like all of our projects, is to center students who have been historically underrepresented  in the co-design of educational experiences. For example, Design Camps supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation brought students and teachers together in Maryland, Oregon, and Texas to prototype ideas for virtual learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Read about Design Camps.

Technical Assistance to the Educator Advancement Council

The Educator Advancement Council is Oregon’s innovative partnership to help achieve high-quality, well-supported and culturally-responsive public educators in every classroom. We were selected to be the statewide technical assistance provider who helps leaders across all ten regions to build capacity to use an anti-racist continuous improvement process across the initiative.

Support for Early Childhood Networks

Early School Success is a five-year initiative from the Children’s Institute that provides school districts with the tools they need to offer developmentally appropriate and aligned instruction to children from preschool through fifth grade. We advise team members on their networked improvement approach through training, scaffolding resources, and thought partnership. With our support, our partners have centered the mindsets and tools of continuous improvement as highlighted in this video.

Infusing Equity in Networks

The Texas Network for School Improvement works to dismantle systemic barriers in education to ensure that students in North Texas can succeed in college, career, and life. We work with our partners and network HUB leaders to build a foundational understanding of equity, diversity and inclusion in education. We also support the creation of a network equity imperative and revisions to continuous improvement understanding and materials to center equity, diversity and inclusion.

Leadership for Improvement Academy

We offer a multi-month leadership academy designed to introduce and deepen participants’ skills in human-centered continuous improvement. Through interactive workshops and individualized coaching, the academy offers participants opportunities to learn and apply mindsets and tools of continuous improvement.

Our Partners
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“To a professional, our people were energized and brought into the processes you facilitated. They were prepared and motivated to expand attention on their root cause analysis, community engagement and short-term wins.”


—  District leader

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